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We scale businesses by placing the right people
We're a headhunting company that specialize in finding the most sought after candidates

Did you know?


You can reach 70% more candidates by working with us


A bad hire cost 10xs than a placement fee


You can close your open position 5xs faster by working with a us

Why work with us?

Tailored fit process

We know that your business is unique and so is our approach, at Venquise we always make sure to tailor fit our approach to support the demand of your staffing needs.

100% headhunter

We know that you are tired of job boards so we are. At Venquise, our recruiters are 100% equip of the currents trends in recruitment, we don't send candidates that you can easily find.


We know that you are tired of waiting for strong candidates to fill your hiring needs, so are we. At Venquise, we always make sure to send  the best  candidates 1 week after the signing.


At Venquise, we don't just provide people, we provide talented people and support to help you grow your business




Hit the contact us button. Let's talk to get to know each other and tell us the roles you like to fill


Once we present the 5 candidates, we will help you and guide you in the recruitment process, from interview scheduling to extending an offer


Once the contract is signed and we fully understand the roles that you are looking to fill, we will recruit and screen candidates until we find 5 strong candidates that we will present to you. along with our screening form.


Upon successful placement, we will keep in touch with the candidates up to 60 days to avoid future problems




Our recruiters are trained and equip in finding the next decision maker in your company. This includes “C-level”, CEO, VP, Director of Operations & Managerial roles.

Working from Home

Cost-saving employment

We will find you the best employees that cost 75% less than US and Europe Equivalent

Ready to work together?

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